So…you have a new Galaxy tablet, Samsung? have a new Galaxy tablet, Samsung?I’ll be quite honest, I’ve lost a large deal of the time that I used to have to spend on searching the net for all of the detailed specs and reviews on tablets, so my knowledge is somewhat lacking compared to what it used to be. That being said, I still know my way around a few things, so let’s talk about this new Note 8.0. Eight inch screen…this is new, I kind of like it. It’s a “Note”, so it has WACOM, this is good. It’s got a quad core processor under the hood…sweet! But, it’s not quite, how do I say it…awesome.

Let me explain… I love the design. It’s simple and elegant. It fits well in my hands and it is well balanced. It even sports a USB 2.0 port! The pen is baller, as always. But, even with all that power under the hood, Touchwiz just sucks the life out of it, as always. It’s fast, but I can quickly tell (like the Nexus 7), that with much put on this thing, I’m going to need to overclock it and slim it down a lot for it to keep up with me. And the screen…ohh Samsung, you cheap vixen, you…TFT?! What the [email protected]#! Everything has IPS now, I mean EVERYTHING. Except the iPad Mini of course, which also uses the extremely outdated TFT tech.

And the price point, dear heavenly God the price point… $400. Yes, you read correctly, $400 big ones. Yes, Samsung, I know, it has an IR blaster. Well, you can take that IR blaster and shove it. This thing is cool, but when I can buy a full Windows 8 tablet that has a better display and a million times more functionality for $450, not to mention that it’s better built than the Note as well, come on?!

Comment below. I’m hoping for a good discussion…unless everyone agrees with me unanimously, of course