BlackBerry Q10 – Get down to see Mr Selfridge, he’s got loads of them

BlackBerry Q10   Get down to see Mr Selfridge, hes got loads of them

A BlackBerry, complete with an actual keyboard (I know! Weird!) will be available exclusively this weekend from Mr Selfridge. This is available at all the Selfridges stores – London, Birmingham and Manchester,

Anyways, if you head into Selfridges this weekend you’ll find that the Carphone Warehouse concession inside the store between Aptril 26th and April 28th. They’ll let you hook it onto Three, T-Mobile, Orange, EE or TalkMobile with prices starting at £36 per month (handset free) or buy it outright for £579.96 SIM free.

BlackBerry Q10   Get down to see Mr Selfridge, hes got loads of them

The new Q10 features the BlackBerry Hub and BBM. As with the older QWERTY-packing BlackBerry handsets you’ll be able to use the physical keyboard to keep in touch but on the Q10 there’s a touch-screen too.

Plus if you go to Selfridges with your wife or girlfriend this weekend you’re going to earn loads of brownie points ;)

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  • en_croute

    3pm Friday 26th – Sold out.
    More due “soon”
    Expecting more today, but she sounded doubtful…

  • Eric

    I can see this phone doing very well, especially in the business world, I couple of people at my work are already sniffing around when their upgrade is. They have choice of Iphone or BB, but most already have Iphone on personal contract so the BB is the one they want, especially with the keyboard. I see some of the people who used to have keyboard BBs and now have full screen phones, their quick email responses sometimes look like they are out clubbing at 3am.

  • Omi

    Blackberry surely have stepped up their game but I still think they do lack that extra bit to compete. In the business world they are still top dog but they are losing out to the iPhone and powerful android phones. They require their OS to not only cater for the Business world but also for the casual person. Here’s a good read on how smartphones and their operating systems have evolved

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