Sunday Bargains – Pretty hot T-Mobile SIM-only deal

Sunday Bargains   Pretty hot T Mobile SIM only dealThe guys from T-Mobile have a pretty decent deal on right now. It’s 5000 texts and 300 minutes per month plus another 500 minutes to T-Mobile customers every month. There’s also 750MB of data per month but, right now, they’re giving another 250MB of data per month for free, which stack things up to 1GB.

The 12-month SIM-only package is normally £15.50 but the SIM-only discount takes £7.50 off, so you get the deal for £8 per month. Boom!

1GB of data, 300 minutes of chat-time and 5000 texts, plus another 500 minutes for speaking to other T-Mobile customers. Can you beat that?

Click over to T-Mobile for the deal

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  • Anonymous

    i’ve been a really happy t-mobile customer for about 8 years, but the 24 month contract i’m on at the moment has had two price hikes already. i don’t think i trust their deals to last the length of the contract any more. tesco mobile for me next time – they promise no price changes during the life of a contract. seems fairer to me!

    • I agree with you, ive been with t-mobile for several years purely for 2 reasons 1. good prices 2. disability service, i could text them for problems (deaf services).
      But now, these price hikes and no deaf services it is time for me to move next feb….and i think that is a shame