Do you fancy TEN TIMES your current battery life?

Battery life. The bane of modern smartphones. We’ve discussed this on the podcast as one of the aspects begging for technology innovation, and it looks like our prayers just might be answered.

A team from the United States claim to have invented a new type of battery technology, which provides TEN TIMES as much power in the same size battery. So you could have a battery ten times smaller, or one that lasts ten times as long, than your current smartphone. Sounds cool huh!

There’s quite a detailed breakdown of the technology, but all I really care about is not having to worry about battery life.

This isn’t the first time a revolution in batteries has been promised though. Yeah, remember fuel cell technology? Yeah… well that didn’t turn out too well did it.

There are clearly a few challenges left to iron out before something like this can become licensed, and safe for mass production. The people involved hope to be trialling it in consumer electronics before the end of the year, however.

Head over to the BBC for more info at the source link below, and cross your fingers (although not until the end of the year, obviously).

Source – BBC News