Are FOUR new Archos Android phones coming?

Are FOUR new Archos Android phones coming?

Archos appear to be throwing everything they have into the mobile market, by releasing not one, not two, but four new smartphones! What’s more the smartphone are thought to be released in April and May, so we should be seeing them hit the shelves very soon.

The phones follow Archos’s usual naming method and are named after elements: the lower end Single Core handest is named the Carbon, the mid range Dual Core handsets are named Titanium and the top end Quad Core handset is called the Platinum.

The mid to low end Carbon and Titanium phones run Ice Cream Sandwich, while the high end Platinum phone runs Jelly Bean. However, what makes the Archos handets stand out is that they all have support for two Sim cards – perfect for those who have a separate business and personal phone numbers.

It’s rumoured the Archos Carbon will only cost £70, making it a great first handset for those who want a smartphone without all the fancy features.  The prices of the two Titanium handsets and the Platinum are still unknown, but I think pricing will play a pretty big part in whether these handsets are a success or not.

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