The app that asks “Are you my cousin??”

The app that asks Are you my cousin??

The App’s engineers….

Picture the scene, there is a man talking to a lady in Mojos nightclub in Norwich. They’re getting on famously and are just about to leave together for more fun in a more intimate setting when he pulls out his smartphone. She does the same and they “bump”…..

The same thing could indeed be happening in Bohemia nightclub in Torquay, Okoko in Taunton or Snobs in Birmingham.

What are they doing?  Why are they bumping phones?

Well, the answer comes in the shape of an app that comes directly from Iceland.

In Iceland (and I don’t mean the establishment that sells frozen goods), it would seem that they have a bit of an issue around sleeping with their family members. Thus a group of ingenious developers have come up with an app that helps to prevent you from sleeping with your sibling, cousin, mother or any other such relative should you not wish to.

According to the News of Iceland this is quite an issue as all 720,000 people that have been born in Iceland are somehow related. The question that needs answering in the situation described above is…

“Just how closely am I related to you?”

Seriously, you need to read the comments

If I would have had this app last year I probably wouldn’t have gone home with my cousin.

The app that asks Are you my cousin??

Now, whilst I’m not sure about the locations I’ve mentioned, I do know that here in the outer regions of London it’s not the done thing to be sleeping with your sister or your cousin. Much less your mother, although there are some strange looking people around here!! Such an app may prove useful if you’ve had little too much to drink and you’re incapable of recognising a relative.

The app that asks Are you my cousin??

So, if you ever find yourself in Iceland (again, not the shop maybe), be sure to download the app. If you don’t then you’ll never know who you may be taking home without it!

The app is available on Google Play

postscript: I’m sure that people in Norfolk, Devon, Somerset and Birmingham don’t ever intentionally make a habit of taking their relatives home for a night of passion and any inference of such is purely co-incidental.

post postscript: Thanks to @Nelus08 on twitter for the tip off on this one!