HTC patent an odd dual screen slider

Don’t you just love a quirky patent application? You know the sort, the ones where you can’t really at home how on earth the pictured image will work in the real world. Well HTC have one such patent application for us.
HTC patent an odd dual screen slider
Personally I’d love to see some quirky devices released, not just by HTC. Bring back the qwerty slider or the swivelling clamshell 5″ device. I doubt whether HTC will ever release a device such as this, a bad device could ruin them.

The design does look a little odd, mainly the front button configuration. Although if the slide out touchscreen actually worked as a touchscreen keyboard, things would be pretty cool. This could be HTC patenting the design just because or it could be the sign of things to come.

Source – EngadgetUSPTO

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