A couple of rather good Three deals for the Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 is just around the corner now and, if I’m honest, I’m looking around for an upgrade. I’ve started looking for a more data on my next plan because I got kicked for going over my paltry 750MB data allowance with my current network…

This morning I stumbled across these two deals on Three for the S4. You can get all-you-can-eat data, 500 minutes (far more than I need actually) and 5000 texts (way more than I need) for £35 per month, and the phone itself is free. All that for just £35 a month ? That’s pretty decent if I do say so myself. Notch that up to £37 per month and you get a whole lot more with The One Plan, which adds tethering, 2000 minutes and another 5000 minutes of Three-to-Three calls.

A couple of rather good Three deals for the Galaxy S4

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  • Watch hotuldeals ….

    What I looking for is a handset that is not branded…. fed up with providers taking too long with updates.

  • Scot Cull

    now now Leigh do not turn away from the dark side … WINDOWS is the way, the truth and the light … none of this Samsung Android rubbish…..
    Good deal though :-)

  • Murray Luke

    @Terran, CPW are doing just about the same deals as three and their handsets are unlocked with no network branding.

  • Jason

    Don’t for get top cash back on those deals £85.00 :0)

  • Jon Palmer

    I got a Free Note 2 on 3 via mobiles.co.uk. 500 mins, 500txts and unlimited data. £25pm over 24 Months and £50 cashback from quidco. Still waiting to find the catch …….

  • nigel

    Having just taken an HTC one on the one plan (that’s two ones) I strongly believe that HTC have the better phone this time and I’ve owned a few Samsungs. Also AYCE data is fantastic 20meg download speeds even before 4g