O2 goes deep, deep, down.

So, a quick tally. If you use the London Underground then you’ll know that there’s a number of options for getting online through the WiFi system that’s provided by Virgin Media. EE, Orange and T-Mobile are all signed up in partnership agreements, so if you’re a customer then you can hop online down on the stations for no additional cost.

Just recently Vodafone also signed up and, of course, Virgin Mobile customers can surf down there too.

Now it’s the turn of O2, who have announced today that they’ll be doing a similar deal and, if you’re a customer of theirs, you can carry on checking your tweets, Facebook updates or web pages whilst waiting for the next Tube train.

See full press release below….
O2 goes deep, deep, down.

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  • Martin

    I’m a little in two minds about this…I’ve been pretty lucky in recent weeks that I haven’t been stuck for a long (enough) time at a station to have enough time to log on to anything. By the time you’ve fired up a web browser or social app the train is in and your on your way and the signal has gone. Put some cables in the tunnels to provide a seemless transition and that’ll be pretty damn good. As it is… meh. Sorry, miserable monday ;)