Times are hard. Get paid for 3 minutes on camera ;)

Times are hard. Get paid for 3 minutes on camera ;)Watch out, I’m gonna go for a slash. A forward slash that is, because this is Hang w/ – a new app which lets you stream live video and , get this, you get paid for your broadcast.

Yeah, I know, mental. They’ve got a nice promotional video for us (below) and it’s currently available for you to try on your iPhone (Android version coming soon). Flicking through the promotional material I can tell you that it’s …

..the first and only app where you can Hang w/ your favorite people and celebrities in live real-time video that’s captured on their phone and played on yours – from anywhere at anytime for virtually any reason.

Yes, there’s a recession on. You’ll no doubt be wanting to know just how much you’re going to get paid for this. It’s based on the amount of followers. The more you get, the more ads get viewed, the more you get paid. Celebs will obviously have a head-start here, but you can always use it to broadcast and become your own celebrity. You’ll get paid once your account hits over $100 and vids are limited to 3 minutes in length, so keep them fairly short. We’ve had a good dig around the Terms and Conditions but couldn’t find out exactly how much gets paid per view unfortunately.

The Android version is said to be arriving during Q2, so anytime now.