Mega or Fonblet?

Mega or Fonblet?
Phones are getting bigger and bigger, the Note II, the LG Optimus G Pro, the Huawei Ascend Mate, the rumoured upcoming Note 3 and of course those 7-8″ tablets from Asus and Samsung that can make phone calls. The term “phone” has become a somewhat almost misused word, hence people making words up to suit the new breed of “phones”.

Samsung are one of the manufacturers that have been rumoured to be making some big phones. I’m talking bigger than the Note II. The rumoured sizes are meant to be 5.8″, 6.3″ and the 8″ Note 8.0. Some genius somewhere came up with the name for these next generation giant phones. That name was “Fonblet”, I thought Phablet was bad enough, but Fonblet is taking it to a whole new level of absurdity. I think I couldn’t buy a phone with the Fonblet branding.

Luckily Samsung seem to have seen the light, an insider has tipped off theĀ  SamMobile site saying these next generation giant phones are instead going to be called “Mega”. Still sounds weird though.

The two devices are to be called the Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GT-I9152) and the Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-I9200), quite how these will fit in with the Note 3 or whether one of these will be the Note 3 is unclear at the moment.

So it looks like another year of many different models and sizes, personally I’m not sure how big is too big. I’m currently finding the Note II too big and the prospect of a 6.3″ Mega phone scares me a little. I guess if your desk bound or you have a big bum bag to put it in you’ll be ok.

How big is too big then people?

Source – SamMobiles

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  • Martin

    No, No, No, and four times NO!!! surely a 5″ device is too big to be a phone let alone anything bigger? Using a tablet with a bluetooth headset is OK (apart from looking a nob using a bluetooth headset of course) but holding up a bleeding great lump of tech to your face to answer a call! No, enough is enough. Phones or Tablets, not a mish mash.

    • Anonymous

      Well, before owning a ~5″ phone I’d be with you there, but it’s not really a problem, especially if it’s a nice thin device. But then it’s all relative really – somebody of 5’4 would look silly with size 13 shoes on, but in my case, size 13 shoes look proportionate to my 6’6″ stature. My huge phone looks no sillier on me than an iPhone 4 does on a person a foot shorter. I imagine if that same person were to use a Galaxy Note II as a phone, they’d both look a bit silly and find it slightly awkward to use.

      People appear to be buying them in droves, so I guess they must have something right. I think it’s nice that they haven’t settled on a single form factor. Depending on how you plan to use your device, I’m sure the screen size:berk ratio comes into consideration, and some people don’t mind looking silly for a bit of extra screen real-estate!

      • James Pearce

        I totally hadn’t considered that these larger devices could be targetted at larger people.

        Good point though.

        • Absolutely – I have tiny hands & ditched my 4.7″ phone as I just couldn’t manage it.
          4.3″ is the absolute limit for my dinky digits.

      • Martin

        Aye, very true, I hadn’t considered giants ;) It is nice to have a nice big screen. I very rarely use my phone for anything but phone type usage as the screen is too small. I use my tablet for that. If I had a bigger phone then maybe my tablet would get less use. Gonna have to give in to the masses and get a ‘proper’ sized phone next I think!

  • Eric

    4” is just fine, my dad and sister just got phones with 4” screens and are quite happy.
    I see people with bigger, 4.5”, 5” and 5.5”
    5” is the limit I think, in the smallest chassis, it is ok for screens to get bigger but as long as the actual device stays the same size.

    I think Iphone could grow to 5” for the Iphone 6, irconically, then have 4” and 5” Iphones, then Ipad mini and Ipad, it is ok covering the bases, just not all have to be direct use phones.

    Maybe if you want to pair a headset with a bigger device, or the iwatch and headset?

  • My Note 2 has replaced both my tablets. It’s the most versatile device I’ve owned. Not sure I’d go any bigger though, my trouser pockets aren’t large enough!