Voda add a new Red XL 4GB data plan and the Galaxy S4

Voda add a new Red XL 4GB data plan and the Galaxy S4So there’s a new phone around. You may have heard about it. The Samsung Galaxy S4. Yeah, that one. It’s popping up on pre-order everywhere today and now Vodafone have stepped forward with a double-offer.

Firstly, you can pre-order the 4G-ready Samsung Galaxy S4 right now in either white or black from them and they’ve got some trade-in offers too. It’s free on plans costing £37 or more but there’s a new Red XL plan which gives you a fairly chunky 4GB of data to use each month. Choose that and it does slightly increase your monthly spend though, coming in at £47 per month over 24 months. You’ll get unlimited texts, messages and the phone of course is delivered without an up-front cost.

Get more about the new Red XL plan here or head over for the S4 details.

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  • Anonymous

    Seems like quite a premium for a bit more data if you ask me.

    The thing that bothers me with this is that if you regularly use ~3GB-4GB then the premium is maybe warranted (to an extent). However, I doubt most people could regularly make the most of this, and it’ll only be useful every-so-often, meaning paying effectively £10 more a month for a few more GB pretty poor value.

    I wish these data allowances would be more flexible. I’d still like to see unrestricted rollover of data. I could cope with 1GB a month then quite happily (as my data usage is very sporadic). What’s the problem with this? I’ve paid for the data, haven’t I?