Temple Run now available for Windows Phone. Crowd goes wild?

Temple Run. It’s a game you’ll have probably seen on the bus or train recently and basically features a guy or girl running along at great speed. Sweep left or right to turn at the appropriate time, up to jump and try to make sure that your character doesn’t fall down.

Now this “new app” is available for Windows Phone. All great, you can get it here and it’s free, which is even better.


Temple Run now available for Windows Phone. Crowd goes wild?

Doah, you knew there was going to be a “but” didn’t you?

Yes, this isn’t strictly a new game any more. It’s been out on the iPhone for more than a year and Temple Run 2 has been out for a bit too. Oh, and if you bought a Windows Phone 7.x handset then you’re left out in that cold, cold snow my friend. This is Windows Phone 8 only. You old-timers on a Windows Phone 7.x device can just go and take a walk..

Oh and one other thing, it doesn’t support the Nokia Lumia 620 even though it runs WP8. Not enough memory apparently. Remember how we used to poke fun at Android for being fragmented?

Honestly, read the comments in this post and you’ll see the reaction Microsoft is getting from their very own customer base. Sigh…

Source – Windows Phone Blog

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  • Scot Cull

    well I will be the first …. come on Leigh you shoudl know by now that Windows Phones are always an interesting challenge … ahhh the old SPV :-).

    Work supply me with an IPhone (4S) which is fine … I would describe the phone as functional. It does what it should do, with the apps doing all the work.

    Buy as a choice my personal phone has been a Windows phone for the last 9 years, even through the funky transition in to touch screen (bar a little dable with the HTC Desier and a Motorola Razzor).

    Windows phones have always been querky, slick, entertaining and challenging in equel measure … but I love them, currently on a Lumia 800 but cannot wait to upgrade to the 920
    Long Live Windows phones …..