Smartphone Glasses – See quicker

This took me a good few seconds to “get” but it’s a pretty nifty idea which is cheap too. For those that have trouble viewing the screen and require reading glasses, things can become a bit of a faff when you want to use your smartphone. First you’ve got to find your glasses, open the case you put them in, then go and get your phone again and… it’s a faff.

Smartphone Glasses   See quicker

These mini reading glasses stick onto the back of your smartphone and sit in their own little pouch. Billed as a “low-tech solution for a high tech problem”, they’re made from durable polycarbonate material and you merely slide them out when you need them. Boom!

You can buy one pair for $7 and get free shipping although that’s only if you live in the USA. If you’re elsewhere then there’s a rather painful $25 shipping charge. You can get them in +2.0 or +2.5

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