Three to launch 4G in Q4

It seems that Three will be launching their 4G service here in the UK during Q4, after rivals O2 and Vodafone join EE in the 4G race.

Three to launch 4G in Q4Three to launch 4G in Q4

Speaking today as the company announced yearly profits, CEO David Dyson has said

“We’re in no rush to launch LTE.  First we’ll see how 4G is positioned by O2 and Vodafone and look at how we position it.

I’m fairly relaxed about it.”

The company is busy promoting their ‘Ultrafast’ network which runs on DC-HSDPA and allows speeds up to 42Mbps and average speeds are around 20Mbps we have seen so far.

Although there is no list of rollout plans yet it has been said that the 4G upgrade will start in locations where demand is highest so we are expecting the main large cities as rival EE started off with back in October last year.

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  • Anonymous

    According to that graph, the “realistic” speed of LTE is 112Mb/s. Small “B” Three, small “B”.
    These things matter…
    I’m such a loser.

    • Daniel Meah

      LTE is 100Mbps is it not? Hence why it carn’t really be called 4g, LTE-advanced is though..

  • Eric

    Interesting they will wait for o2 and Vodafone to release 4G 1st, is it due to roll out cost?

    They already stated that they will not charge more for 4G service, so what else do they need to wait for, they will miss all the o2 and Vodafone customers who will join their original network 4G for 2 year contracts without seeing what 3 have to offer?

    Or of course they could just increase the cost of all customers, then they would not be charging more for 4G.

    My phone is up for replacement (at my cost), I am currently on sim only, so I am waiting to see what is on offer, but won’t wait forever.