The Surface Pro…a new horizon or simply another lackluster contender?

The Surface Pro...a new horizon or simply another lackluster contender?So, it has been a super long time since I have written a blog on here and I apologize for that. During this past month, I have been playing with my new toy: the Microsoft Surface Pro. This thing is absolutely awesome!

As this guy is a pretty hefty purchase at $999 for the 128GB version (which is basically necessary due to OS size), I was cautious and anxious when buying the tablet, making sure I had a return policy ready. Since the moment when I saw how quickly the surface pro boots up and how responsive the OS is, I have quickly fallen in love with this device; it does everything a tablet should do: be a complete mobile computing solution. The tech specs include a high end i5 series processor with 4GB of 1600mhz DDR3 RAM…all pretty impressive considering this is a tablet!!

Using the Surface Pro for every day tasks is an absolute joy and it will not only do your mundane tasks, but also, your work tasks, even for power hungry artists using Photoshop CS6 64 bit. Multitasking is easy with the new Windows 8 interface and design, plus everything is super fast because Windows 8 is much slimmer than any other Windows OS before it.

In my opinion, with the ever growing tech industry users wanting more and more out of their devices, Microsoft has nailed every detail on the head, perfectly. iOS is simple and austere; it will make only Apple fan-boys who don’t know better happy because at the end of the day, iOS leaves SO much potential lying around not being used. Even my beloved Android is too only a shadow of a device compared to what the functionality of a Surface Pro can offer. We now have the ability to have a (somewhat) affordable, well made, higher-end FULL computer with us wherever we go with the Surface Pro. And, as a final note, to those who complain about the battery life of the Surface Pro, I call you simply fools looking for excuses to down a product. I get almost six hours of hard computing time with my Pro and I only put it on power-saver mode which doesn’t dim the screen much at all or change the computing power, and the battery charges from zero to full in less than two hours.