Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini pictured

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini picturedThe Samsung Galaxy S4 is yet to launch but already there are reports of a Galaxy S4 Mini.

With an anticipated launch date of June or Jule 2013, the handset is expected to have a super AMOLED qHD display, a 1.6GHz Dual Core CPU and run Android 4.2.2  As with all new Samsung Android handsets it will also run the Nature UX.

The device looks just like a Galaxy S4 and will undoubtedly be the mid range option for those not wanting a handset quite as high end as the S4.

More images can be seen below….

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini pictured

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini pictured


source: Sammobile


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  • much better! Sensible reduction in spec compared to how they nobled the SIII Mini by cutting back too much.
    i can see Samsung selling of this than the SIV in the UK.

  • Martin

    Hmmm, not bad, qHD resolution though? Very disappointing. It looks maybe a smidge smaller than the SGS3 and they give it qHD? I would have expected a 720p screen.