Samsung Galaxy S4 twice as fast as the S3

The HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. They’re both fantastic handsets, but which is faster? There’s only one way to findout! FIGHT! A comparison with the benchmarking too Geekbench.

Samsung Galaxy S4 twice as fast as the S3

Speed and memory performance was compared and, by the looks of these results, the Samsung Galaxy S4 simply blew away the opposition. Now, speed isn’t everything though. Battery life has to be considered too and we need to get an idea on how both perform in daily use first. However, there’s some interesting highlights to these results, as pointed out by Primate Labs. Firstly, the Galaxy S4 seems to be twice as fast as the Samsuing Galaxy S3. It’s also twice as fast as the Apple iPhone 5 and the Blackberry Z10, and that’s only just appeared.

What are your thoughts? Is speed a key purchase decision?

Source – Primate Labs

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  • samsungcheap&nasty

    whats the point in all that wasted power ????? just shows samsung have no invention until apple brings out new tech….

    lets just bang a massive cpu in the phone for no reason..!!!

    • Martin

      Well, that is not exactly right is it? The massive CPU and GPU are required to power the full HD screen. Apps that can take advantage of the resolution will need that computational power to run. That is why the iPad 3 has the processor it does, older iPad 2 apps don’t need the power, but ones specifically designed for the 3’s resolution will, and also won’t work on the 2.
      And pray tell me, what new tech have Apple brought out in the past few years apart from faster processors and ‘retina’ screens? With regards to phones, The iPhone 5 just doesn’t cut it against the HTC One and the SGS4 hardware wise.

      • weirdstuff

        Tru dat!

      • Anonymous

        Yup totally with you there. That said, I’m not so sure the extra speed as compared to the HTC One will make very much difference at all. I’m not sure the overall processing power of the device would sway me just as long as the device looks and feels smooth and responsive (which I’m sure both of them will).

        I have to say though, regardless of what Apple do (the iPhone 5 wasn’t particularly innovative, was it, aside from maybe its size and the LTE support), I would have hoped Samsung would come up with a few innovative features like HTC and Sony have done. Sure, the eye tracking thing is nice, but that’s being implemented by others too, and it’s the second iteration for Samsung. No doubt it’ll still sell extremely well though, and be a very solid phone.

        • Martin

          Despite saying what I did about the SGS4, I am dissapointed by it. They do seem to have done an ‘Apple’ and just made it bigger and faster without really innovating. I’m quite happy with my (nearly 2 year) old Xperia Ray. I’d like a slightly faster CPU/GPU to make it smoother, I’d like a bigger screen (4″ tops) but something along the lines of the SGS4 or HTC one are just too mahoosive. Why companies feel they have to make phones this big is beyond me :( Surely a 720p screen in a phone is plenty high res enough?

          What sort of innovation can you make in phones though? They are after all just a phone. The HTC one has the special frame / chassis and the lower resolution camera, the ‘Z’ is waterproof, apart from that what else do they do that is so special?

          Dunno about you guys I want a phone to be a phone first and foremost. Web access is second on the list, being able to play the odd game to while away the time is good. Having a camera is a bit of a bonus for those shots where you don’t have a decent camera with you. I have a good little compact Lumix camera for shots I really want, it blows a phone camera out of the water quality wise. Proper glass and a decent sized sensor helps in that request. Post photo processing will never make up for a crappy little lens and sensor. Megapixels aren’t everything, especially if you cram them into a tiny sensor.
          If you are going to make a phone bigger to enable the use of a bigger screen, make it a little bit thicker as well to enable the use of a bigger capacity battery, hopefully a thicker phone will enable a better lens system and a posibly a bigger sensor. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t notice a mill or two extra. Function over style is sometimes a good thing you know. Apple had to make the iPad 3 thicker and heavier than the iPad 2 to get the battery life they needed and it still sold by the container full.

          • Anonymous

            I certainly get the impression you’re in a shrinking minority there I’m afraid… The ‘phone’ function of my handsets are way down the list these days. This has been the case for a few years now. I do use the phone bit maybe a few times a day, but I use the other Apps a great deal more.

            In fact, the fact I have so many modes of communication at my disposal (on a smartphone) makes the actual phone part of it less and less relevant. I have to communicate with folk overseas a lot, and I’m on VOIP apps a fair bit too, but I’d say I communicate in other ways using my devices a great deal more (and more effectively).

            I think there’s plenty of room for innovation in phones still. Ideally, I’d have an extremely fast waterproof smartphone, with a built-in projector, great speakers, instant charging, high capacity batteries, ability to easily connect to screens, keyboards, etc. with methods of communicating and controlling all my other devices. I’d like it to interface directly with my brain so my sausage fingers don’t have to mash it too badly, and I’d like it to interface with a HUD type display implanted directly in my retinas. I’d like it to film everything I do in a 360 degree panorama 24/7 just in case I want to refer back to it, and I’d like it to do this in such great resolution that on a clear day I can pick out the mars rover rumbling along the red planet’s surface. I’d like it to park my vehicle, organise my robot army, and activate my latent telekinesis. Oh, and any tricorder type functions would be cool too…

            I know, I’m getting a bit silly, but I just love how much they can do these days, and that certain companies are innovating still. These pocket-sized computers are enabling us to do things we couldn’t do just a few years ago, and I think that’s something to be celebrated.

          • Martin

            Yes I am in a shrinking minority and I know it :(
            I too have a VOIP app on my phone, my company makes softswitches and have developed an app thet emulates your landline, works really well off both wi-fi and 3g so I don’t need to use my contract minutes up :)

            Some of those features you want are not too bad and I’ll bet in the future would happen. Pretty sure quick charging high capacity batteries are on their way. Easily connecting to keyboards is here with bluetooth, I connect my logitech keyboard to my Xperia Ray. Connecting to screens, well that is certainly coming. If you don’t mind a cable is here already.
            The rest, well, I’m just not too sure about that, but hell, I’d love some of what you are on though :)

            I totally agree about the tech in your pocket, amazing to think what processing power you can nold in one hand now. The SGS4 and HTC one do have more than they need, computing is like that. Moores law and all that. I have a laptop from work which has an i7 processor in it, the most intensive thing I do on it is have multiple excel or word documents open on it, why the hell do I need an i7 when an i3 would do perfectly well?

          • Anonymous

            Hehe, oh too right – most people seem to have far more power than they need, especially PC-wise. I find the power in smartphones these days quite incredible, as well as the amount of tech they can cram in there.

            Speaking of innovation – I’ve done a fair bit of work over in Japan lately. Their smartphone market is a little different. I’d say a much higher proportion of Japanese people still use what we’d term as featurephones, but their innovation certainly hasn’t stopped. I noticed quite a few people wandering around with phones equipped with Geiger counters (on account of the recent disaster), along with a number of things we are only just seeing in smartphones here. They appear to have an almost completely domestic smartphone market – you see quite a few Samsungs and iPhones, but most people have phones you just wouldn’t see over here.

          • Martin

            I know, the Japanese market only Sonys are pretty sweet :) I really like this one – Just the right size. I was hoping they would bring it over here, no chance apparently :(
            Do you think we can get this comments section all they way down to China?

          • I want to know where the M4 has got to. Back when the One was known as the M7, we had strong rumours of most of the tech going into a 4.3″ M4-much like the One S to the One S.
            Assuming at the moment the supply chain issues affecting the One would hold that back (if they share the same camera), but i really hope they release it soon as they can.

  • Andrew McCreath

    Will be nicer to see the octo core version scores as the above is only a US phone.

    • Apparently not. Just read that the UK is getting the quad core.

  • c500

    My s2 contract end in month and thinking getting N4 cant see what the other really offer, plus get latest OS