Logic3 Ferrari Scuderia R300 headphones – Review

I’ve become a bit of a over ear headphone convert recently, having used the Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones a few weeks ago. In the past my experience of over ear headphones had been cheap plasticy cheap headphones, that had awful sound quality as you’d expect. When I got the R300 once again they arrived in a pretty big box and from the moment I opened them up everything screamed “premium” at me.


The official marketing blurb about the headphones is full of Ferrari based stuff. take a look:

A distinctive design, the R300 Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphone follows inspiration from the Scuderia Ferrari racing team and the aerodynamic air vents and traditional grille incorporated in the GT Cars. It features robust machined crafted metal arms and diamond shaped grilles to ensure durability and quality, and ultra-soft ear pads constructed from enhanced breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort. With an ergonomic 2-way folding design, the R300 can easily be stored in a matching carry case (trimmed in carbon fibre textures).

The R300 headphones are a mix of white plastic, matt metal and some shiny bits of metal as well. The overall look is premium and yet fun. The white parts appeal to something inside me, I like white things, be it white phones, laptops, MP3 players and of course headphones, so opening the box up to find these had quite a bit of white on them lead to a happy moment.

The ear muffs are made of a nice soft touch faux leather kind of material, LOGIC3 say this is a breathable material and I didn’t notice any sweaty ears afters several hours of solid music listening, the padding is white and the inner protecting the driver is made of a red spongey material. The ear muffs fitted nicely over my ears.

The headband is white and red and the red padded part is also made of the same soft touch material as the earphone padding. The arms of the headphones are made of a matt metal and offer plenty of adjustment and they even fold back on themselves to make storing them easier.

The batteries for the Active Noise Cancellation live in the left ear piece and the power button lives in the right ear piece, once turned on you get a little blue light come on.

In the box you get a really good selection of adapters and cables, you get a normal 3.5MM cable, an Android and Windows Phone cable that has a microphone inline and a single button to answer calls and you also get a 3 button Apple cable as well, which also has a microphone inline. The cables have a tangle free woven covering to them and they are white as well. Also in the box you get a stereo adapter and a airplane seat adapter.

In Use

In use the headphones are really comfortable and really quite immersive, the noise cancellation feature really blanks out the outside world. With previous models their was a slight hiss when the noise cancellation was turned on, Logic3 seem to have toned it down a bit on the R300 headphones, but none the less it is still present. The other issue with the noise cancellation is that if you don’t have it turned on the headphones don’t utter a single sound, it’s only when you turn them on that sound passes through. This may be a problem for longer holidays. When turned on though all background noise disappears, bar someone yelling at you. It really does make for a decent listening experience. Sound quality is amazing though, I listen to a wide range of music from Rock, Drum and Bass through to odd ambient electronic stuff. The R300 headphones handle allsorts of music well; bass does need boosting at times on the outputting device. But the where I found the headphones really shone was listening to podcasts, the clarity of spoken voice was almost unnerving.


The R300 headphones are a great set of headphones, great looking and great sounding and if you’re an avid Ferrari fan then these could be the set for you. I preferred the styling to the other set of Ferrari branded headphones we had the other month and the price of the R300 is preferable too.

You can get yourself a set from the Logic3 store here.