Get to know the Samsung Galaxy S4 a bit better

Get to know the Samsung Galaxy S4 a bit better

Are you sitting comfortably people? I’d suggest getting yourself a cup of tea and a chair. Samsung have posted a host of videos on YouTube showing their latest software additions in the upcoming Galaxy S4 off.

Starting with this intro video

S Translator
S Translator is Samsungs version of Google Translate. It actually does seem useful, as long as you have a data connection.

Air View / Air Gesture
The hand gesture stuff also looks useful, it was quite useful on the Note II. Where it shows previews of items if you hover your hand over it.

Dual Camera
The Dual Camera stuff looks odd, personally I can’t quite get how I’d use this.

Sound and Shoot
This software feature actually seems useful, you can tag a photo with a short audio clip.

If you want more information head over to this Samsung page here.

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  • Martin

    Air View, I guess that would be useful, have to use it to see though.
    Dual Camera, Stalkers will love this, look…a picture of me and the person I stalk, aren’t we a lovely couple!
    Sound and Shot…..OMG, i can just imagine sitting on a train in a few months from now, people looking at photos sent from them with a loud noise attached to it. What fun.
    Or people with their holiday pictures, up pops a picture of the Eiffel tower with them saying us at the Eiffel tower.

    Impressive piece of kit though, shame it is made of plastic :(