10 inch playbook – and 6 more devices on the way

10 inch playbook   and 6 more devices on the way

It isn’t a leak when it’s announced by your director of product management at BlackBerry Middle East, who announced the existence and likely shipping date of the 10 inch BlackBerry PlayBook. Mike Al Mefleh made the comments during the BlackBerry users forum in Dubai, stating “We have a very clear road map. The company will launch six additional new devices in 2013…”

There are some interesting takeaways from the interview held with Emirates 24|7, not the least that there would be 6 other devices in addition to the 10 inch tablet.

There have long been rumours of a bigger touchscreen phone and we know the keyboard variant Q10 is due in the next couple of months, so this adds another element to the very slowly growing line up to the BlackBerry line. In addition to this, it seems like the company has recognised that it can take the feedback received from the Z10, correct and fine-tune the core OS, and put out a more polished set of devices in the second half of the year. This would mean that a lot more focus would be available after the buzz around the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One has died down, there’ll be a lot less attention.
Of course Samsung and Apple who are the two 800lb gorillas in the room, and all the other players in the smartphone game will have something to say about that.
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Source: Emirates 24|7