Vodafone deliver an update to the Galaxy S2

Vodafone deliver an update to the Galaxy S2

Got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S2? Yeah? Good aren’t they. Sure, the S4 has been announced now but I’m with you brother. The S2 is a bloomin’ good handset still and, if you’re on Vodafone, you can now get yourself Android 4.1.2.

We’ve had a tip from Matthew Dickens, who’s just got his 380MB update and he’s quite happy with it. Do let us know if you’ve got your update and what you think of it.

Update – We’ve now heard that this update appears to have shorten battery life somewhat. Ken had emailed in to say that his battery only lasts around 11 hours only now.

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  • Jon

    Battery is now shocking, phone is hanging, memory is out of control. constant clearing of RAM just to open contacts. Quite possible the worst update I have ever had. Typical vodafone, I now have a crap ROM to go with my Crap signal.

  • Amstuartc

    Updated my S2 last night. First attempt bricked the phone but managed to recover it. Second attempt worked OK. Loving it so far. Bluetooth now works again with connecting to my car after 4.0.4 ruined it. Also Battery life OK. Still showing 91% after 6 hours of heavy use..

  • well thats one all – not sure wether to update or not – any other comments?

  • Adam

    Any news about Orange/EE update?