Take card payments with iZettle

iZettle is a really handy and affordable way of taking card payments using your mobile phone.  No longer do you have to be a big business or shop to be able to receive card payments, perfect if you are always buying lunch at work or for friends who do not have cash on them and only their cards so cannot pay you back yet.

The iZettle can be purchased at a large range of EE stores around the UK for a cost of £20 but this includes a voucher worth £20 of transaction fees.

iZettle take 2.75% of each transaction so your £20 can go a long way and at least you are getting your money in a safe and secure way.

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Take card payments with iZettle

Take card payments with iZettle

Making an account was really easy using my Facebook login details to get secure access and entering in my bank details into the site so they know who to pay.  Then download the iOS or Android app and away you go.

The great thing is once you have taken a payment you can email a receipt all from your phone to the email address of your payee so they have a copy for their records and if this is a mistake you can easily reverse the transaction.

For £20 the iZettle is a really handy bit of kit and something I will be using quite a lot in the future.

If you have a mobile business that needs payment on the move then this is a worthwhile investment and a rather cool device at the same time.

Link: iZettle