What’s next for the Coolsmartphone Podcast

Our podcast has seen a few changes over the last 36 weeks since we started. We’ve had awkward silences, pots and pans being bashed in the background, we’ve had Ravi trying to watch the football during the podcast, we’ve had our move to a companion live video feed and most recently we’ve had the departure of Jamie Ryan.

It has been great fun and no doubt many of you have come to look forward to our weekly ramblings. Recently though as we have settled into our roles one thing has become apparent. The sound quality has dipped quite a bit, this is down to our various internet connections, it basically can’t cope with a Google Hangout anymore. So from now on we will be doing an audio version only. If and when our various connections improve we may bring back the video edition.

Whilst we’re at it we’d like to hear your thoughts about what you’d like to hear in the weekly podcast. Leave a comment below if you’d be so kind.

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  • flibblesan

    Audio only. :'(

  • weirdstuff

    Good call! I definitely noticed a bit of a dip in quality because I don’t ever ‘watch’ the podcast, only listen to it. It has always been worth a listen and I’m glad it’s going back to it’s roots…

  • Hooray! Audio only. Mind you, Ravi’s connection’s probably not even fast enough for that?

    I contend that noone ever watches 1 hour talking head video podcasts beyond the first few minutes, just to see what you all look like 8-)

    • I would imagine a couple of minutes is enough to scare them off :)

  • Steve

    I enjoyed the video podcast as I thought it worked a lot better than the audio only as it allowed you us to see what you were actually talking about.

  • Kevin

    Is Jamie not coming back at all then? I thought he just wasn’t on the last few episodes?

  • Kev

    Is Jamie not coming back then? I thought he just missed the last few episodes?

    • bob

      Jamie’s left the site and started his own thing :(

  • Wayne keeling

    Great stuff James, last one had been to cringe worthy to listen to due to audio quality, look forward to better quality audio

  • James Pearce

    Thanks for the feedback guys. As I mentioned in the post we may at some point bring the video version back. But for know the audio version will work best for us.

  • cinval

    Well I am happy you recognised how awful the audio quality was and how subjective all of the content was.

    I still subscribe to the RSS feed, but dropped the podcast after the last one.

    There has to be a good technical reason for doing it in my opinion, and you don’t have a good mix.

  • Thank (insert deity of choice here) for that. It’s been awful for several weeks. Looking forward to it. Shame that Jamie is gone.