O2 offering 4GB data on new plan

Data use is a subject that often gets people talking especially as data use is at it’s highest ever on mobile devices and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

O2 have recently revamped their contract plans and now have a plan available with a generous 4GB allowance to go with unlimited calls and texts.

On & On is the networks leading price plan offer and we welcome the addition of a higher data offer.  On checking the main top end phones such as the Sony Xperia Z or the BlackBerry Z10 they both came out at £47 a month over 24 months.

The iPhone 5 is also available on this plan with a one off cost of £29.99 for the 16GB model, or get the phone free on £52 a month

O2 offering 4GB data on new plan

It is worth pointing out that this higher data plan is only available on 24 month deals, 18 month contracts or sim only deals still have the maximum of 2GB unless you pay to add more data on via bolt-ons.

With O2 committing to a 4G rollout starting this year, new compatible handsets such as the Z10 and HTC One and now even more data than before, things are looking up for O2.

Are you on O2 or considering joining them and moving onto their 4G service?  if so what are your thoughts on this new 4GB plan.

Check the official O2 store for all te handsets and details

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  • Anonymous

    Personally, I still think this is a disaster waiting to happen … for the unwitting customer.

    Imagine taking this On & On plan today, 6th March 2013. This is a lock-in for 24 months, that is 6th March 2015. Yet mobile data use has doubled year on year, as recently publicised. There will be no slow-down of the increased use as people purchase more smartphones (sales now outnumbering feature phones) and ever more on-line content becomes available.

    4GB sounds an awful low when coming at it from a perspective of the meagre 512MB, 1GB and 2GB caps that are currently on offer. Yet that is only 5 Netflix movies, or not a lot of Spotify hours, and the allowance is gone for that month.

    The operators are playing games, trying to tempt customers into a lock-in that will compel them to “upgrade” to LTE when it arrives. Caveat Emptor people, or in the local vernacular Buyer Beware!