Google Play celebrates first birthday with another sale

Google Play celebrates first birthday with another sale

Can you believe that it’s already been a year since Google relaunched the old Android Market as the Google Play Store? To celebrate this momentous event, they’ve decided to have (another) big sale. It’s already started over in Australia as I write this and should hopefully be on in the UK store by the time you’re reading this.

We’re not quite sure which specific apps will be discounted, but given previous sales we’re hopeful that there will be more than a few choice apps/books/movies at tempting prices. Let’s also hope, again per previous sales, that they keep adding more content on a daily basis.

Link: Pocket Now

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  • Martin

    Very poor selection of games, 6 in total, Dead Zone was 79p in the sale in December, in this sale, £2.58! Some of the magazine’s are pretty good for 99p though, a few good books too. Not really looked at the films as yet