Sony Xperia Z goes for a swim

Sony Xperia Z goes for a swimWe’re getting a number of retailers approaching us at the minute. They’d all like us to promote the fact that the Sony Xperia Z is available from them. Tesco have sent us a lovely video featuring staff member Peter Statham. He’s 72. Yes, 72.

Peter works in Tesco Phone Shop and shows what happens to the Sony Xperia Z when you drop it in the sink, or in a puddle, or in a glass of water. Forward to around 1.50 for the results.

Oh and OK then. You can by an Xperia Z from Tesco for no upfront cost on a £32 or £36 monthly plan and you get stacks of Clubcard points to buy beer with. Wehay!

Right, plug over Tesco. Let’s chuck this phone in the sink!

Sony Xperia Z goes for a swim

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