Rhinoshield – the future of screen protection?

Rhinoshield   the future of screen protection?

I’d be very surprised if you were reading this and you don’t own a smartphone.

I’d be even more surprised if you said that you hadn’t dropped your smartphone at some point in time.

Then I’d be even even more surprised if you said that you hadn’t heaved a huge sigh of relief when you picked it up and it was ok.

Except that for many people it doesn’t work out ok, screens get smashed, chipped and broken every day of the week.

Now there is an opportunity to invest in a product via Kickstarter UK that will go some way towards protecting your smartphone particularly if you are someone who doesn’t like using a case.

Rhinoshield is an impact resistant screen protector that protects your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet screens against impact.

Evolutive Labs, the people behind Rhinoshield say:

Protecting mobile devices have been a big challenge. There are many great cases that already tackle some of the problems with outstanding solutions. We have seen some protection at insane levels, i.e. cases that enable smart devices to survive when a car runs over it. However, there are very few products that attempt to protect the most vulnerable part of the phone, its screen. Therefore we were determined to design and engineer a screen protector that will be resistant to impacts. After a year of relentless research and development, the end product is Rhino Shield

You can invest in the product for as little as one pound but £12 gets you your very own screen protector upon launch.

Rhinoshield   the future of screen protection?

The Kickstarter page goes into great detail around the product with videos demonstrating how good it purports to be with one in particular showing Gorilla Glass with and without the Rhinoshield.  The results are quite surprising.

So, if you not only want to support British business but also get yourself what looks like a great product into the bargain, have a look at the video below and head on over to the Kickstarter page to pop in your details.