SwiftKey flow exits beta

SwiftKey flow exits beta

Keyboard anoraks rejoice. SwiftKey has just been updated on the Google Play store and the big new feature is the addition of (Swypeesque) Flow gesture typing.

Similar to the stock Jellybean keyboard, SwiftKey now lets you type out words simply by swiping over keys in fluid one gesture. Having used the Beta for a few months, I’ve found it particularly useful for one handed typing, especially on devices with screens of 4.5” and up. Admittedly, there are some words it seems to fall over (like “three”), but on the whole it’s surprisingly fast and accurate.

 It’s available now as a free update to users of SwiftKey 3, and is a great addition to what is already (IMHO) the best keyboard app on Android.

SwiftKey flow exits betaSwiftKey flow exits beta

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