Google shows off Google Glass UI

Google has today posted a video on YouTube entitled How It Feels [through Glass], showing a series of both mundane and out-of-the-ordinary experiences through the eyes of Google Glass, showing people skydiving, skiing and navigating through traffic.

Google shows off Google Glass UI

The UI has changed it a bit since the last video Google released on the subject, with it looking far more akin to the Google Now app found on Android smartphones running Jelly Bean and above. This new video shows off some pretty cool Glass features, like Google+ connectivity and what appears to be hand gesture support (at 1:32 in the video, the user swipes his hand across the Glass UI and a new panel appears). Other features I like include on the fly translation and virtual depth of field enhancement, whereby the Glass UI blurs out of focus when it isn’t needed.

If Google Glass is this polished and yet works as well as it appears to in the video (after all, voice recognition is a tricky beast), I can imagine a very large market for this sort of device. The initial asking price of $1,500 will surely put some people off, but like all new technology as more Glass units can be produced and refined the cost will eventually come down. You can watch the new Google Glass video below:

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