Powwaaaaarrr!! (Desk charger review)

This week is going to be a bit of a blinder in the world of technology. There’s a HTC event tomorrow..at which HTC have something special to announce. Sony are apparently unveiling something the following day (Playstation 4?), and Coolsmartphone are heading to Mobile World Congress.

With that in mind, knowing Dan, Leigh and yours truly will be bombing around the various functions, stands and talks for hours on end my thoughts turned to battery life. My phone (currently the Galaxy Note 2) will likely be doing quite a bit of heavy lifting and I’m likely to be away from a charger for much longer than normal.

Fortunately the Note 2 has a removable battery which lends nicely to this type of scenario.

So I picked up a desk charger which also has a slot for charging a spare battery, at the same time as charging the phone itself. Brilliant.

Powwaaaaarrr!!  (Desk charger review)

The phone fits nicely into the dock and holds it at just the right angle to view your incoming calls and other notifications.

The spare battery charges behind the phone and at roughly the same speed.

Powwaaaaarrr!!  (Desk charger review)

There’s not too much one can review about a desk charger but for those who are frustrated with battery life could do a lot worse than this set up.

Considering the desk charger is under £20 and I was able to pick two spare batteries up for under a tenner.. That’s an awful lot of juice for under £30! Plus you don’t have to have anything constantly strapped to your phone making it horribly bulky. (Which is nice as the Galaxy Note 2 is plenty big enough already!)

Thanks to Mobilefun for the review unit – head over there for more Galaxy Note 2 Dock related action.