EE posts loss of £249m

EE posts loss of £249m

The UK’s first 4G network, EE, today announced a loss of £249m before tax for 2012, more than double the £113m loss for 2011. Although not specifically stated in the announcement, at least part of that loss will be from the ongoing rollout of their new 4G network.

Speaking of network expansion, EE said that they are ahead of schedule with the rollout of 4G, with 55% of the population in 65 locations due to be brought online later this year.

The results also showed a seismic shift in the way the UK uses and pays for mobile telephony, with over 50% of EE customers (including of course T-Mobile and Orange UK users) now on contract. Business uptake of 4G, however, appears to have been slow, with the company only having 1,000 users on business EE4G. As one of our writers commented, this could be due to increase in popularity of Bring Your Own Device schemes.

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  • TheCurseisOver

    This arrogant cowboy outfit of a company deserve to sink. After joining Orange at the beginning (more than 20 years) and staying loyal to them, they eventually confirmed in writing that they had incorrectly overcharged me for 18 months or so (nearly £500!). After much time wasting kafkaesque correspondence, communications and unecessary inconvenient cut offs, they belatedly offered me a 50% refund!!!! Like so many others, I am incredibly relived to see the back of their lack of customer service and childish attitude to very loyal customers. Now that I have seen the light, it is amazing that others are charging far less. There is nobody better out there at the moment than the rolling contract from Virgin – 1200 minutes, unlimited texts + 1Gb data for £12 per month – SIM only. Enjoy.

  • Mike Bazaluk

    Ok so there rolling out the network, but surely the charges and infamous bad customer service (to new & old non 4G customers) accounts for the profits being down