A sweet Ubuntu live wallpaper!

A sweet Ubuntu live wallpaper!

So, my fiance got me to go to a concert tonight (which I will not name) that I absolutely hate. Thus, I figure I’ll write about one of my favorite live wallpapers to pass the time!

The Ubuntu Live Wallpaper is definitely for every Ubuntu fan and, very possibly, even those of us who don’t even know what Ubuntu is or what it does differently.

One of the coolest features about the Ubuntu interface is the wallpaper that displays the time and the ever-important battery life. It displays the batter life with a set of dots in a circle around the time.. Very nifty. It also has what I can best describe as flower peddles that move around in the back of the clock. As a side note, for those macho poop heads that think that their phone can’t have any flower looking stuff on it, get over it, the live wallpaper is cool for everyone.

It’s a simple wallpaper without any customization to speak of, but it’s kinda cool. I’ve grown fond of the nostalgic brown colors.

Check out this guy at the link below…

Link – Play Link

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