Get yourself a shabby slabby

Get yourself a shabby slabby

It’s 3.30 on a Friday afternoon. You’ve got £40 burning a hole in your pocket. Sure, you could go out tonight, get drunk and meet the love of your life. Or, you could stay at home, drink tea and buy yourself this GoTab Android tablet. It’s got a “slight shabby” open box but Misco are kicking them out at £38.38 with the delivery.

These were on offer just before Christmas but quickly sold out.. or perhaps got returned. Either way, don’t expect an iPad. 😉

This has a 1GHz ARM CPU, 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. You could perhaps stick it on the wall and display pictures on it, albeit at 800×480 pixels. It runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and, according to some delightful comments on HotUKDeals “IT WERKS ALRIGHT FOR THE MUNAY!”

Perhaps worth a gamble, perhaps not. Personally I’d go out and get drunk.. 🙂

Link – Misco