The new iPhone runs Android

The new iPhone runs Android

There’s a new iPhone in Brazil, but this one doesn’t use iTunes, FaceTime and have an AppStore… instead this iPhone runs Android software and we’re sure Apple aren’t too happy about it.

So how did this Android iPhone come about? Well Brazilian company Gradiente Eletronica registered the name iPhone in 2000, seven years before Apple did; meaning that they had the rights to sell smartphones called iPhones in Brazil.

Now regulators in Brazil have ruled that, much to Apple’s annoyance, they don’t have exclusive rights to use the iPhone trademark in the country when it comes to smartphones.

Apple do however have exclusive rights to use the iPhone name in clothing, software and across publications. Apple can also continue to sell their iPhone in Brazil, but if Gradiente Eletronica wishes they could sue Apple for exclusivity.

It’s understood that Apple will be pursuing an appeal but for now Gradiente Eletronica are free to sell their iPhone Neo One for a fraction of the price of an Apple iPhone.

Source: BBC News

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