Vertu Ti revealed: prepare to weep at the price tag

Vertu Ti revealed: prepare to weep at the price tag

The Vertu Ti has been revealed today and whilst the smartphone looks like the Ferrari of the mobile world, it’ll actually cost you the price of  a small car to own it.

To be exact, the Vertu Ti has a starting price of a whopping £6,700 and for your money you’d be expecting this phone to do amazing things. Well here’s the problem… it doesn’t!

The Vertu Ti only runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich for a start. The 8MP camera isn’t anything to write home about either, plus add in a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, a 3.7″ display and a 1250mAh battery and really all you’ve got is a bog standard smartphone.

So why is the Vertu Ti so expensive?  The look of the phone plays a big part – it has a titanium body and sapphire crystal display. Also the Vertu offers one button access to a 24 hour concierge service, just incase you ever need to know where you can grab a bite to eat at 3am.

As classy as it may look, sadly the Vertu Ti is doomed to obscurity.



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