HTC post another infographic teasing about upcoming features

HTC have quite a bit riding on their next generation of devices. It seems that they are building the hype leading up to the 19th of February. Which is when we’ve been invited to their event in London.
HTC post another infographic teasing about upcoming features
Rumours have been all over the internet, with leaked images and specs appearing most days.

HTC have been doing their own bit with some infographics. Last week they published one on their site all about mobile photography and this week it’s all about audio quality. It seems that whatever the next device is it will have Beats Audio built in. Which isn’t really a surprise as most of their phones do now. Maybe they’ve got something new to show us.

Here is this weeks infographic that they posted on their blog. The final paragraph is the most telling part.

And in 2013, HTC will help you rediscover the beauty of mobile audio

HTC post another infographic teasing about upcoming features

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  • Anonymous

    Not quite sure what all that’s meant to be telling us about the device. I must admit, having owned more than one ‘beats’ equipped device, I’ve always been disappointed with the sound from them, especially when compared with Apple’s devices. Not to say it’s bad exactly, but just not quite as strong. The frequency response from Beats is nice though, just as long as you’re in a room quiet enough to appreciate it.

  • naughtybudgie

    my god i read the first few lines and got bored… can’t believe how long it is… only a geek would read it all so who’s it decoding for?IMHO a terrible piece of communication…

    can someone give me a 4 point sumary?