Galaxy SIII Mini vs Galaxy SIII vs Galaxy Note

Remember that story about Goldilocks and the three bears? The little tike broke into their house, gobbled up some porridge, tried out some chairs and then went and had a kip on all the beds. The naughty little sausage.

But what’s “just right” for you eh? The big Galaxy Note (this is the Note I in the video below), the SIII or the smaller SIII Mini? Well, I decided it was worth a photo special and a video overview.

We’ve already added a Galaxy SIII Mini review so I thought I’d do some comparison shots. My wife loves it, and she’s probably not the only one. There’s definitely quite a few people who don’t like the “slightly bigger than my last handset”-size of the SIII, and the SIII Mini received comments like “cute” and “sexy”, so it can’t be bad at all.

In day-to-day use I found the dual-core 1GHz chip kept up pretty well and, although the camera is 5 megapixel (compared to the 8 megapixel on the bigger brother), it took some crackin’ shots. This is the white one obviously, but you can buy the blue version too with contracts starting at around £13.56 per month on those cash-back deals.