Wireless Nexus charger appears on Play Store

Well well well what do we have here!  Looks like Google are about to start selling the official Nexus 4 wireless charger on their own Play Store as the website has been updated recently and the charger now appears under Nexus 4 accessories.

Wireless Nexus charger appears on Play Store

However at the moment in the UK at least there is no price or availability, only that the item is not for sale at this time.  We have seen tweets just now which state the item is available though in the States costing $59.99 so it should not be long until we see it available over here……. fingers crossed

If you want to check for yourself head over to the Play Store

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  • Aran

    Huge waste of time! Whilst an amazing theoretical piece of tech this is ridiculous as the dock clearly has the micro usb port in clear view. If your cable reaches that far you can just plug in your phone to the same cable. It will be amazing when this tech is so wide-spread that most bars have a ‘charging surface’ that you can slap your phone on whilst enjoying a pint but that’s a good couple of years away yet. Only for the very, very eager early adopter at this stage of the game (or those with a large amount of surplus cash spare…)

    • AT

      Are you suggesting that this is ridiculous because it needs to be plugged in?

    • phil

      I’ve got the Maxell air voltage charger, it’s great, no fiddling with pushing the cable in at night, just pop it on the pad. – easy ..

  • Paul Sleight

    Still too expensive, but I for one HATE fiddling with the micro usb plug every night. Never sure it’s the right way up, and so delicate I’m bound to break it sooner or later. Chinese Qi chargers (guess they’re all made in China, Taiwan, or S. Korea anyway) are down to around £30 now, so maybe soon they will be affordable.

  • Aran

    Hah, look what it now says in the play store:

    “Nexus 4 Wireless Charger is not available in your country.”