Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to come in three different variants

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is rumoured to be announced at MWC at the end of the month. As time passes more and more information is starting to appear about it.

A few weeks ago initial details appeared and it seemed like it was going to be priced and specified specifically to compete with the iPad Mini. Now today via the Bluetooth certification, it seems there is going to be three models. A WiFi only model GT-N5100, a WiFi and 3G model Gt-N5110 and a WiFi 3G LTE model GT-N5105.

Website Dday seem to have got hold of an image that might be the Note 8.0. It certainly looks about the right shape and size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to come in three different variants

As usual no solid prices have been mentioned. Although if they have a few different storage space options as well you should be able to get a Note 8.0 to suit your budget.

As we lea up to MWC expect more details to leak out as the event gets closer. Personally I can’t wait for this to be announced. The size and the functionality will be perfect for me.

Source – Unwired View – Image

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  • Cr-Apps

    I also think the size is better. I used to own a Galaxy Tab 8.9″ and the size for me was perfect, not too small (7″) and not too large (10″).

    What I didn’t like about it were the Android Apps were all mobile Apps stretched to fit the screen.

    After reading the review of the Nexus 10 today on this site, I see nothing has changed.

    It seems Google, Samsung, Asus et al, can bring out any “all singing, all dancing ultra tablet” with top end specs only for them to be hindered or let down by the Apps on the Play store that are still designed solely for phones.

    I can’t see this Galaxy Note 8.0 being any different, so until they’re addressed, I’ll refrain from any Android tab.

    That’s only my opinion, I’m sure existing owners aren’t that bothered about the Apps though.

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