Is the Windows Phone Store down for you as well? – Update – they’ve fixed it.

This morning in the UK I have been having problems. No not the usual Saturday morning quandary over whether to have a McDonalds breakfast or not.

No this problem is to do with the Windows Phone Store. I keep getting the below error when I try to download anything. It seems like a few other people around the UK are having problems too.

Is the Windows Phone Store down for you as well?   Update   theyve fixed it.

So if you’re a Windows Phone user and you get something different as an error or if yours works properly then please let me know. I get this on two different devices on different networks as well.

Update – For me here in the UK at about four PM the Windows Phone Store came back to life. Which means I can get back to download the latest beta of Twabbit for WP8. Thanks to those of you who messaged us telling about your outage. Hopefully it’s fixed for you as well.

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  • Yes, grrr!
    And now I’ve factory reset my phone, can’t use it till they sort it out!

  • Yes all broke here

  • Aran

    Yes, same for me. Although I ‘do’ have Internet access, both surfing and by providing a wi-fi hotspot to my BlackBerry PlayBook (which I am posting from now). I’ll post back if things change…

    • Aran

      Not sure if it makes a difference but I’m using an Omnia 7 so none of your fancy-pants Windows 8 behaviour… And the Marketplace is still down for me.