NEW iOS 6 Jailbreak…super easy, ONE click!

It is pretty darn rare that you will see me post anything positive about the iPhone. BUT, this little bit of news is rather cool and it can help make that locked down, non-customizable, lack of features, iPhone of yours a little cooler and more functional.

All you need to take advantage of this new tool is a computer running Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.5, or Linux (very easy specs to attain I would say!). It is nice when hacks are made widely available across desktop platforms, especially for those of us who do not own any Windows computers at the particular moment, in particular, yours truly :D.

Before we go any further, we’re bringing back the standard CoolSmartPhone disclaimer!

Both Coolsmartphone and myself are NOT responsible if applying any of the software upgrades and/or tweaks mentioned in this article breaks any of your devices, kills your cat, sends the Earth on a collision course with Mars or does anything else untoward. This jailbreak sequence may impair your ability to receive further OTA updates and may void your warranty.

Check out the link below for an easy, one click jailbreak for you iOS device!

Click me for jailbreak

Comment about your experiences with this new hack below!!