Carbon Twitter Client for Android Updated

Apps that make you go ‘ooh, that’s pretty’ are a rare breed on Android, but the newly released Carbon Twitter client is one of those apps. (Free here on Google Play)

It has a dark theme, with bold, contrasting large fonts which are most definitely easy on the eye. Unfortunately, when originally released just three days ago, a number of bugs became evident.

Among the list of fixes are;

Bug Fixes:
– Notification bug that crashed after tapping
– Repeat Notifications
– Notification bug that crashed app when Avatar couldn’t be loaded
– Direct Messages Delete bug wasn’t saving changes
– Long press bug on Messages
– Composition Screen Account Selector bug
– User Profile Bio: tapping on Mentions & Hashtags bug.
– Timeline duplicated tweets on concurrent refreshes
– Compose bug that didn’t allow tweeting at 140 characters
– Verified & Private badges
– Quick mentions

Which is quite a hefty list to have fixed in three days..! So if you’re using Carbon, head over to the Play Store to grab the update. If you’re not, I’d recommend giving it a try.

Source – Google Play