HTC and the ultrapixel camera

A lot has been said about the HTC M7 or whatever they decide to call it. We’ve seen no end of leaks about specs, the construction, the software and now interestingly we’re hearing about something related to the camera.

HTC and the ultrapixel camera

The camera on a device can make or break a device, take the Nokia Lumia 920 would it have been quite as successful if it didn’t have a great camera on board? The big name manufacturers now this and that’s why they all try to come up with something special in the camera department. This time last year it was HTC’s turn with their Imagesense chip in the HTC One X and lo and behold HTC seem to something big planned for their next device.

Recent rumours have suggested that HTC are to use an arrangement of three 4.3 MP sensors which will combine to make an effective 13MP camera. Each separate sensor will capture a separate part of the RGB spectrum, the three shots are combined to make a much sharper and better quality shot. It is a similar technique to what other companies like Nokia, Fuji and Sigma have all done.

Will a great camera be enough for HTC this time round though? I’m not sure how many years they can keep this up, they release a new product, which people buy and then a few months later their product is basically ignored. I really hope that the M7 or whatever gets called really makes a difference this year. Needless to say whatever it is we will be on hand in London on the 19th of February to bring you first hand details.

Source – Pocket Lint