Browse away from prying eyes

How do I start this? Hmmm… I know. I’ll do what Microsoft did and completely lie. Right, here goes…

When you’re looking for “a present” on your browser and don’t want your wife to find out, you can now use Private Browser. It’s fairly self-explanatory really. This password-protected internet browser has all the stuff you’d expect from your normal browser, but it’ll stop anyone looking at your porn present-buying.

The app shows up as “S Browser” on your phone and has a download manager (so you can see where you downloaded your porn saved those PDF’s and stuff). It also has a password unlock system to prevent people stumbling across your sordid, filthy, disgusting presents. :)

Next time you’re on the toilet at work, having a bit of “me” time, give this a try.

Pictures below. Don’t worry, there’s no presents on show..

Link – Private Browser.

Browse away from prying eyes

Browse away from prying eyes

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