Deal – Yet another random Android tablet. These things are getting cheaper by the day

Deal   Yet another random Android tablet. These things are getting cheaper by the dayMorning Coolsmartphoners. Got a few quid knocking around? You do? Fancy investing in an “iffy” Android tablet which probably won’t hold its charge and will be rubbish on WiFi when you’re more than 4 feet from the access point? You DO?! Well, have a nose at this.

It’s a random 7″ 1GHz tablet running Android 4.0.4 and has a capacitive screen. Connectivity comes in the form of WiFi and, get this, “external 3G”. That basically means you using the hotspot feature on your existing smartphone. Oh, and it may or may not bear some resemblance to this photo when you actually get it.

It’s priced up ar $67.29, which works out at £44.72. Cheap yes, but if you use the promo code “JANCE0127X” at the checkout you’ll get that down to £33.89.

A new Android tablet for £33.89? Crazy. This is one of those MD708 tablets with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. It’ll apparently playback “1080p movies” on the 800×400 pixel screen somehow.

Sure, it’s a bit pants. Sure, you’ll have it on charge all the time, but heck, it could be useful for someone. Perhaps plug some speakers and use this as an internet radio? If you buy one or use your cheap tablet in an innovative way, let us know.

Link – Focalprice (No, we’ve never heard of them either)

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  • MadMeddler

    Coming to a box of corn flakes soon…

  • Entropic

    I got a similar tablet(kocaso), and it is now my ultimate emulator. The specs may be lame, but it can still run games from the 90’s just fine! plus my ancient USB gamepad is plug and play, though its kind of necessary with a capacitive screen.

  • Entropic

    err, resistive screen on mine, this little guy actually has a proper capacitive