Jeans made for your smartphone?!?! Sweet!

Jeans made for your smartphone?!?! Sweet!

These are some pretty sweet jeans, I am not going to lie. They are not up there in techy coolness like clothing that has solar panels to charge your devices or circuitry to boost your cell phone signal, BUT, these are probably much sexier, at least the manufacturer would claim. At $159 US big ones, they ought to be sweet!!

The jeans are called “WTFJeans” and, as stated above, cost a chunk of change at $159 US. Currently, the jeans are made to fit the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 (not a vast selection). On the back of the pants, they read “Sexyass”. At the very least, these are one way for those of us “nerds/geeks” to look socially acceptable :).

Take a look at these bad boys on

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  • Martin

    I’m sorry Matthew but jeans with a pocket for a specific phone. I’d be gutted to lay down $159 for these and not be able to put anything but a SGS3 or iPhone5 in! Then again, I guess I wouldn’t buy these jeans if I didn’t have one of those phones, do they have some sort of sensor that will stop you putting a different phone in? What if you accidentally put your car keys in? Would they disintegrate?
    Basically they have put bum pockets on the front, wow, how much thought went into that?
    Can you tell I’m not impressed with these?

    • Anonymous

      Yea, me neither I’m afraid – makes me wonder how long it will be before more clothing has phone pockets anyway – it’s a well overdue feature if you ask me.

  • guest

    Craghoppers Kiwi trousers have a great smartphone pocket inside the map pocket on the right thigh -they come in a good selection of colours and are about £25. Some of their other garments extend this function and make the smartphone pocket waterproof.