White Nexus 4 photos surface next to a nice cake

White Nexus 4 photos surface next to a nice cake

Want a Nexus 4 but don’t want the common old black version that everyone else has? Well, you may be in luck as it looks like there could be a white one on the way!

Vietnamese tech site Tinh te has a series of photos which show a man’s hand, a white Nexus 4 and a rather tasty looking cake. Whilst we can be almost 100% sure that the hand and cake are genuine, we have to call into question the validity of the white Nexus.

It’s got to be said that the photos are very convincing; you can even see a glint of the sparkle finish that’s unique to the Nexus 4, but there have been some very elaborate hoaxes recently which makes it difficult to report sightings like this with total confidence.

There’s also the question of why LG and Google would want to bring a white Nexus 4 to market. Normally manufacturers issue different colours to widen the appeal of their handset and fuel demand. As has been well documented, the demand for Nexus 4’s has been far greater than supply, so why would they bother with the extra cost of manufacturing a different coloured handset?

Will we be seeing a white Nexus 4 any time soon? Even if it is genuine, will the availability be as shocking as the black one? It’s difficult to tell, but be sure that we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know.