Deal – do you fancy a cheap 10″ Android tablet?

The phrase “cheap Android tablet” usually makes me shudder a little bit and then it makes me cross my fingers hoping I’m not forced to review one of the wretched things.

Yesterday I got an interesting email, you know the sort you get from a company you once bought something from. Well normally I just delete them, but this time I spotted the word “Android” which grabbed my attention. Once the images had loaded I was confronted by a 10″ Ice Cream Sandwich tablet with the Google Play Store all for under £100.

So what is it then? Well it’s a GoTab 10″ Android 4.0 tablet and it costs £83.99 and you can read all about here over at Misco.

Deal   do you fancy a cheap 10 Android tablet?
They are classed as “Open Box” but I’ve enquired and they have hundreds of them. As regards specs it’s pretty basic and you only really get a bare minimum.

Here are the specs:

ProcessorARM A8 – 1.2Ghz CPU
Storage4GB Onboard Storage (Expand upto 32GB via micro SD Card)
Display10.0” LED Display 16:9 Aspect Capacitive Touchscreen 1024 x 600 WVGA
NetworkingWireless N 802.11b/g
PortsHDMI 1080p Out Micro SD Card Slot Micro USB Port
Built in CameraFront VGA Camera 0.3MP
Battery2,300 mAh, 5 Hrs Battery (WiFi) 20 Hrs Battery (Music)
Box ContentsDC Power Adaptor, Quick Start Guide & 1 Year Warranty Details
Unit Dimensions (W x D x H)172 x 270 x 14mm

What this would be ideal for is to take on holiday, or give the kids, or throw in the back of the car to try and induce travel sickness upon your kids on long journeys or something else as equally fraught with danger.
Deal   do you fancy a cheap 10 Android tablet?
Deal   do you fancy a cheap 10 Android tablet?
Deal   do you fancy a cheap 10 Android tablet?

Update: Nexus 4 available to purchase once again - Now in UK!
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  • Oh come on

    Sorry but “what the….?”

    You said … “The phrase ‘cheap Android tablet’ usually makes me shudder….”

    Then you go on to say…. “this time the word ‘Android’ grabbed my attention”

    You’re contradicting yourself here and with this article you have done nothing more than mimic what you already admitted makes you shudder, promote spam.

    Do you have one of these or have hands on experience that could convince your readers that this tablet is worth the money, is not cheap crap and will not disappoint?

    If not, What is the exact purpose of this article other than wait for some mug to buy one and convince you, via the comments section, it’s half decent? Surely this it should be the other way round. You, as a CoolSmartphone author should get your hands on one, write a decent review on what’s good and bad and make readers more aware of this cheap tech.

    • Anonymous

      Erm.. chill? I really can’t see what the problem is here. I for one am quite interested in seeing this sort of deal, whether I buy one or not. I certainly wouldn’t have noticed it if it had not been posted here.

      A 10″ tablet with Jellybean for ~90 quid is almost worth a punt – who cares if it’s reviewed here or not. It’s the sort of thing that will be snapped up quickly and by then you’ll have missed your chance.

      I for one applaud this site for branching out and bringing us this sort of thing – even the iPhone cases. If you’re not interested, is it really that much of an effort to just scroll down a little bit more?

      I do see your point about how it’d be nice if it was actually reviewed, but I’m fairly sure James just spotted it and thought he’d share. By the time he got hold of one, the information he’d be able to divulge could well be moot.

      Sure there’s a fine line between spam and useful information, but IMHO this site’s very firmly on the ‘useful information’ side of that equation.

  • Oh come on

    I appreciate the need to be current, but in recent months this site appears to be publishing stuff for the sake of it. Reviews are poor, the’rey nowhere the quality they used to be, and its obvious that some stuff is sent to you via retailers for the sole purpose of advertising provided you put a mention here, even if its crap. Example, how many more iPhone case reviews do we actually need to see? Slightly off topic I know, but get the point, stop writing stuff unnecessarily.

    • James Pearce

      Thanks for voicing your opinion. This was intended as a pointer to somethiing I thought SOME people might see a use for. Yes it will be rubbish, but it has the Google Play Store which is what caught my attention. This would be ideal for kids.
      And yes there has been a LOT of iPhone case reviews recently, this should slow down from now on.