Flat battery? Nowhere near a charging point? Have a looksie at this

Flat battery? Nowhere near a charging point? Have a looksie at this

Have a look around you next time you’re at an airport. You’re bound to see someone in a suit hunting around for a power socket. Why? Well, sadly our modern gadgets don’t quite have that one-month battery life we’d all like.

Whilst prepping for our yearly trip to Barcelona I stumbled across this Movpower 5200 Portable Charger. It’s a slim power brick with (obviously) a 5200mAh battery. You charge it up, stick it in your pocket and then, when your iPad / iPhone / smartphone / tablet is running low on battery life, you plug it into your mobile power brick.

Me being me, I’ve looked into the tech specs. This outputs 5.1V at 2000mAh, which should be a load more than the standard trickle charge you’d get from a laptop USB port.

We’re going to get one of these in to test, but if you want one they’re only £8.99 right now. The boys at Expansys have dropped the price from £33.99, which is a saving of 74%. Deal.

Update – After we published this post they quickly sold out. Luckily there’s another one, and whilst it doesn’t hold as much charge, it’s only £2.99! This alternative portable charger holds 2200mAh and that price is 90% off the original!

Link – Movpower 5200 Portable Mobile Charger

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